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If you want to speak English efficiently then Rapidex English speaking course book is for you. In this article, I give you the complete content of Rapidex English speaking course book. Firstly you read this ten-chapter, this will help you to understand this book. And if you need more chapters you comment below, I will surely upload it for You.



Latest and Revised – 2019 COMPLETE RAPIDEX

2019 Latest and Revised book of Rapidex English Speaking Course is now Available. You May Download it from the link provided below.

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Rapidex English Speaking Course Book

Rapidex Book Features: Rapidex English Speaking Course gives you the way to speak in English this is one of the famous books which you must have to read at least one time in your life. This PDF of Rapidex English Speaking Course is fully based on a newly revised edition of Rapidex English speaking course book. The only one to teach English is the Rapidex English Speaking Course. There are some key features of this new edition which you will find in the book of this Rapidex English Speaking Course. This book also provides conversation practice in different cases and situations of your life. This book is completely modified and changed. Rapidex video lectures: Complete video series of Rapidex English speaking course book is also available. This video lecture is fully based on the latest syllabus of Rapidex English Speaking Course. Video lecture will help you to boost your confidence in the field of spoken English.
The most important feature of the Rapidex English Speaking Course Book, which I have found after reading this book, is that if you get this entire book once, then you will definitely start speaking good English.
I have seen a lot of children interested in English, but because of not getting the correct book, she encounters many difficulties in speaking English but if she could get a Rapidex English speaking course or any other good book like this then He learns to speak English very soon and this is the reason why I am not writing this book, I have not written it, right? I am thinking of writing ahead, neither is there any contact with the writer of this book nor does I have any benefit from this book but still I am sharing this book for the benefit of all the people, maybe this is my sacrifice. It will be beneficial because I read and read this book, and then I thought that this book should reach out to more and more people and that’s why I got some part of this book with you Has Eyr so you also can buy the book and read.

पहला दिन:अंग्रेजी में अभिवादन के प्रचलित वाक्य: SALUTATION WORDS

In the first lesson of this series of Rapidcore English Speaking Course, we will see how salutation is done in salutation word in English English. Do you also see that there are many ways to greet in English as you have just seen what your Hi is how do you do it morning good evening good day good give us many things like this Watch in the video series Have you not seen yet? See this Video Series Completely. You must also have seen this, Good Morning Sir Good morning Daddy Good Morning Mama Suhani Sleep So everyone’s parents are sure to say this night at Sahani Sleep So Sweet Dreams will meet again. We want people at the time of farewell. Airways, friends, we have greeted many such things in English. In the prevailing day, as you had also seen, Namaste sister Good afternoon sister, Namaste Bhaiya Good Afternoon brother, Namaste Chacha, Good evening, Uncle, all of the things we had in the first of Rapidux English speaking course and if I tell you If we had seen this also, we would have seen good friends, Good Day to You Sir, I am very happy to meet you, please to meet you, Hi Mohan Roy Ohn can do it now we’re gonna meet someone at night we say good night what friends good night.


दूसरा दिन: अंग्रेजी में शिष्टाचार के कुछ वाक्य: GOOD MANNER WORDS



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